Teletherapy Services
We are excited to announce we are expanding our service delivery to your home via Teletherapy for Speech and Occupational Therapy Services!By providing teletherapy through Kidz Therapy Zone, we aim to….
  • Make up for a lack of specialists/services in remote locations
  • Reduce travel time for patients and therapists
  • Boost Client/family participation and motivation to be involved in treatment, with greater carryover.
  • Allow increased flexibility of scheduling, offering more space in the clinic, and offering more services/treatment times from your home.
  • Minimize cancellations and increase consistent attendance to result in more intensive interventions, and boost therapeutic outcomes.
  • Perform therapy with your child in their “natural” environment to increase carryover of strategies, further individualize therapy activities, and apply strategies to school/homework.
  • Ensures our patients & parents are comfortable and at ease with no hassle of traffic.
  • Treat articulation, voice, language delays, aural rehabilitation, apraxia, reading, writing, and more, as well as a variety of Occupational Therapy interventions to improve anxiety, social skills, cognition, strength, and attention.
Fun Facts about Teletherapy
  • 60% of millennials support the use of telehealth to replace in-office visits, and …with a population of 80 million millennials now comprise the largest segment of today’s workforce! 1
  • >70% of employers plan to offer telehealth/telemedicine services as an employee benefit § 65% of Americans reported they would attend an appointment via video telehealth § 90% of healthcare executives said their organizations have implemented or are developing telehealth programs. 2
  • 79% of patients said that scheduling a telemedicine follow-up visit was more convenient than arranging an in-person follow-up, according to Massachusetts General Hospital.3
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