What to expect at your evaluation

At your first appointment an evaluation will be conducted to determine the present level of your child’s development as compared to age level norms.  Once the paperwork is complete, your child’s therapist will conduct a parent interview to gather more information about your child’s developmental and medical history, as well as strengths and weaknesses within specified developmental areas.  Formal testing and/or informal observation will be conducted.  When the testing is complete, the therapist will briefly share her findings and whether or not therapy is being recommended.   After the evaluation session is complete, test data will be analyzed and a formal written report will be generated.  This report will be made available within one week after the evaluation appointment.

If therapy is being recommended:

  • Plan of Care with a list of your child’s therapy goals will be sent to your child’s doctor for signature.  This is required for insurance authorization.
  •  Any paperwork required by your insurance carrier will be submitted for authorization of therapy sessions.
  • Both of these requirements will need to be completed in order for therapy to begin.
  • This process takes approximately 7-14 days.
  • Your child’s therapy can begin as soon as both the Plan of Care and insurance authorization have been received.